March 27th, 2016

My cousin Terry and I saw Batman v. Superman today. I’ll say right at the beginning that I’ve always been a bigger fan of Marvel than I am of DC. I’ll also say that I state it that way because in my eyes it’s not one or the other; you can be a fan of both and enjoy one without hating the other. I just happened to like more of the Marvel characters growing up, and when I got into writing / roleplaying there were way more Marvel options out there, so it stuck.

Anyway, all that being said, I really enjoyed the movie. I’ll be honest, my expectations were fairly low given previous DC movies (Green Lantern was just… yeah) and the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but it more than exceeded them. I’m honestly a little perplexed as to how it’s scoring just 29% with critics and 73% with audiences. I’m definitely in the latter group and that score sounds about right to me.

I won’t go into the plot or anything in depth for fear of spoiling people, but I’ll just say I’m glad I went before I got spoiled myself. There was definitely a lot more going on than I’d expected, in a good way, and while I wish there’d been more Wonder Woman the mere fact that she was there at all was awesome. I’m looking forward to her own solo movie, which is another one up for DC on Marvel.

I’m excited to see more from DC now, and while I was already interested in seeing Suicide Squad I want to see it now, darn it, not to mention some of the other projects hinted at in the movie. And then there’s the already scheduled Justice League movies, which I wasn’t sure would even get made let alone released at one point but now I’m really looking forward to them and the lead up films.

It made me pretty happy to walk out with a smile on my face, because I really wasn’t sure if that’d be the case or not. My cousin is a huge Superman fan so I was in for that fact alone, and our trips to town to see movies is always a great time regardless of the movie’s calibre, but it’s that much better when we both enjoy what we saw. That was definitely the case today.

Kudos, DC, and here’s to keeping it up, up, and away in the future. (Sorry.)