June 11th, 2017

Oh hey, I still have this thing.

I could’ve sworn I’d used it since January, but I’d have been wrong. I certainly thought about using it, to be sure, but I never updated it until now.

What’s changed since then? Well, nothing and everything, I suppose.

Work is still as stressful as ever (which I won’t go into here), writing remains just as difficult, and I still have far too many movies, books, games, etc. to enjoy.

In the everything column, I realize as I write this that my nephew wasn’t born when I last updated. That’s kind of a big deal; his middle name is mine (poor kid). I’ve also been meeting regularly with a cousin of mine to discuss how our writing is coming along, which is definitely helpful inspiring even if I haven’t accomplished all that much; I have ideas. No, wait, sorry: ideas. Ahem. And I’ve been reading more as of late, which sort of ties into the inspiring column too, but it also means I’m getting through some of the backlog, one page turn at a time.

So things aren’t all that bad. This is what I focus on and tell myself, at any rate.

Perhaps remembering I have this outlet and actually using it will help too. If nothing else it’ll help me remember how to use italics, yes? Yes.