January 27th, 2020

Today was a sick day for me. I started feeling unwell last night and made it an early one, but still felt like crap once I did get up. I was sorely tempted to go into work anyway, but I think I made the right call in staying home. I feel better now and won’t be risking passing it on to anyone else tomorrow now.

I had intended to do some writing, treating it like a snow day. Much like those recent snow days, however, I didn’t do any writing today either. I did manage to finish a book, however: The Love of Summer, by Sarah Thompson. It was a very neat story, and I posted a short review on Goodreads about it, if you’re curious. Definitely a good read for those who love romance or LGBT fic in general.

Other than that, I’ve carted around a notepad and pen to jot down notes and ideas for my WIP, and a few other things that I’ve thought about lately. I’ve written absolutely nothing for any of that, but I did carry it around and burned a few calories at least, I guess?

I do have Ideas, at least, and there are some deadlines coming up, so here’s hoping that helps me buckle down and start writing.


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