January 7th, 2016

I’m hoping to make an earlier than usual night of it tonight to continue reading The 5th Wave, which I’m about half way through. I received in from a book exchange I was in two years ago and never did read it until recently, when I found out it was being made into a movie.

I wasn’t aware that it was a Young Adult novel either, which I discovered when the protagonist met a similar aged person of the opposite sex and things got awkward. It clicked then, though thankfully that’s been a pretty small part of the book so far.

It’s told from several persons’ points of view which helps as well, and it makes it easier for me to break it up into different sections to read. I stopped last night after one person’s turn at narration, for example.

It’s pretty good, nothing really stands out about it yet unfortunately; it’s your typical post-apocalyptic scenario thus far, though it involves aliens instead of zombies or nuclear war so there’s still some secrets left to reveal and a lot of promise left.

The movie comes out on January 22nd and my cousin Terry and I have made tentative plans to see it. Likely not on opening night or anything, but perhaps that weekend or the one after that, so my goal is to have it all read before then. I should have no problem meeting that, provided I take a few nights to dig into it as well as an afternoon or two over the next few weekends. Yes, I’m a pretty slow reader, sadly.

In keeping with writing here on a daily basis, I’ll be sure to have a review of the movie here once I’ve seen it, and probably one of the book too once I’ve finished that as well.


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