January 31st, 2016

Today was very nice and relaxed. I was able to sleep in, followed by a little reading and playing some Diablo III before lunch. The afternoon offered more of the same with a break to pop into town to do some prep for tomorrow and get something for supper.

After that I watched some of the NHL All Star Game (go John Scott!), had a nice bath combined with some more reading, then played even more Diablo III. And right now I’m checking out the very first episode of The X-Files on Netflix while I’m typing this out. This will be probably be followed by a little more reading in bed before going to sleep.

All in all a nice, relaxing day, which is nice, especially after the rush I was in last night to finish my writing assignment.

I’d like to write more but I don’t have much else to say at this point, even after such a relaxing day. The good news is that today marks the end of the first month and me successfully blogging once per day, which is awesome. Even if I do fall flat on some things (see last night for example) it’s nice to know I can still meet some goals.

Here’s to getting off to a good start in February as well, and hopefully having more to say.


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