January 2nd, 2016

Currently standing in the concessions line at the movie theatre. My cousin, Terry, asked me to make an impromptu run into the city to see The Hateful Eight, and I might not get back before midnight, so making this post now just in case I don’t. More to follow later!

Ok, back home not too long before midnight but glad I made the little entry above just in case.

The movie was pretty darn good, and pretty darn Tarantino-esque, both of which I expected. We heard some rumblings from others in the audience at the end that they didn’t like it or it was a waste of money, but my cousin and I enjoyed it. Great acting all around, especially by Jennifer Jason Leigh, I hope she gets some nominations for it.

Overall it was a pleasant surprise to get the call for a spur-of-the-moment trip to town, and I’m so glad I got to go. It’s always fun getting to hang out with my cousin, not only because we see some pretty good movies but just getting a chance to hang out and chat.

I saw an announcement that The 5th Wave comes out later this month, which I received in book form a few years ago and am only about 1/3 of the way though, so now I’m going to focus on finishing the book before the movie arrives. That’s my plan for the rest of the night, I think, it’ll be a nice way to cap off the evening, so that’s what I’m going to do.


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