January 3rd, 2016

Today was a pretty lazy day, I’m not going to lie. It started off by sleeping in until 10:30am or so, followed by a little light reading – The 5th Wave, want to finish the book before the movie comes out later this month 0- before making a run to pick up groceries and get some lunch.

When I got home I finally decided to check out this anime I’ve heard about but never watched, called RWBY. The first two seasons are on Netflix, where they’re all set up to run together as one long show. I think the first one was about 90 minutes long and the second was over two hours or thereabouts. It was pretty good, actually, different than what I’m used to watching but I liked it.

I watched the last bit of the first season while on the elliptical, for about 20 minutes or so, and I made supper for the wife once she got home, so I guess it was still a decently productive day after all. Now I’m squeezing in a little bit of writing while listening to a few tunes before going to bed.

Not a bad day all in all, I ‘spose.


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