January 10th, 2016

This will likely be a short post tonight as I’ve just come back from playing ball hockey. I’ll be passing out in short order but I poured myself a nice, tall glass of water so I’m going to write this while I finish it.

Last fall one of the guys I used to play with way back in the day got a bunch of us together to pitch in $5 a head and play at a local high school gym every Sunday. It’s a great idea, and I definitely need the exercise.

I’ve missed the last few weekends due to the flu/cold, and we didn’t play over the Christmas holidays, so the last time I played before tonight was in mid-December some time. It was nice to get back at it tonight, even though I’ll pay for it tomorrow.

The very first night I went up it was astonishing how bad of a shape I was in. Still am in, I suppose, though I’ve gotten a little better. The very first shift I ran up the length of the gym, and as I started to run back I was like “whoa.” I was winded and out of breath, and it didn’t get much better the rest of the night.

Thankfully the second and subsequent times I’ve been better, though after a few shifts I’m pretty much beat. We usually have a lot of people with which to shift, as we play three on three, and tonight my team had six of us besides the goalie which was awesome. Lots of shifts and tons of rest so it went really well. I’m still exhausted but that’s a good thing, as exercise (and fun) is kind of the whole point of the thing.

I’m wondering just how rubbery my legs will be tomorrow; after the first time it was pretty damn bad. Each time after that wasn’t as bad at all but since it’s been about a month since my last trip I’m hoping I haven’t regressed too far. We’ll see in the morning I suppose.

For now I’m off to finish my water and get some rest. Hope everyone else had a nice relaxing weekend and that Monday treats you well.


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