January 11th, 2016

I managed to catch up on some podcasts today for the first time since Christmas break, which was nice. I listened to the second episode of the new Serial and was pleasantly surprised to find I have not one but two more episodes ready to go now.

I also listened to an older episode of Wil Wheaton’s Radio Free Burrito (which can be found here) wherein he reads an article about the disappearance of Elisa Lam (the article itself is here).

I hadn’t heard about this before, or, if I had, it was in passing and so long ago I don’t remember it. Hearing Wil read the article today however had me captivated for the entirety of my drive. I admit to looking up the video in question once I got home too and yeah, I can see how the internet got off on all sorts of tangents in this case.

The article nails it though, on how fascinating the case is, the urge to want to find out more, and then the feelings one has near the end of looking into everything. For me it does anyway, as always your mileage may vary, but it was pretty interesting all the same.

And in that light, Sara and I watched a few more episodes of Making a Murderer tonight. We’re on episode 4 next I believe and I think we’ll jump right back into it as soon as we’re both home tomorrow. I’m getting that same feeling watching it, of fascination, followed by deep interest, and I’m wondering if the end of the series will bring the same feeling as the above case.

Time will tell, and no spoilers please for those who’ve seen it all.



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