January 15th, 2016

I was looking at board games today, as I found myself in St. John’s and decided to pop into one of the local gaming shops, Timemasters. This was partly inspired by listening to a podcast that mentioned Betrayal on the House on the Hill and how it’s apparently sold so many copies they’re having a hard time making more, so much so that future editions will cost more.

So of course I thought I’d try to find one and “save” money by getting it now instead of paying more for it later. Because clearly that’s how you save money, right?

At any rate, no copy was to be found, which is probably just as well. I already own a number of games that I’ve never played because there’s just no one around to play them with, at least not usually. I think the last time we tried was when my sister-in-law and her hubby stayed with us the summer before last in 2014. So no matter how awesome that game looks (seriously, check it out in action on Tabletop) I probably shouldn’t buy it.

Then I think about trying to start a game night amongst friends of ours in the city, or getting my cousin to play some of the two player games I’ve got – including this DC deck building game he gave me a few years ago – something like that could work perhaps.

I also came close to buying another D&D book but I’ve got so, so many of those that I’ve never used, including a lot of 4th edition ones (the current edition is the 5th). Instead of buying something else I probably won’t use, I may just try my hand at some world building with what I have, see what I can come up with and if anyone’s interested in giving that a shot.

That might be what I do with my Saturday. For now I’m off to give the new season of Diablo III a shot I think.


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