January 16th, 2016

We watched The Martian today, which I had previously seen when I was in Saskatchewan. I saw it in a fancy theatre with motion activated chairs, but it still holds up as just as exciting and entertaining when watching it at home. I still prefer the book though, without going into too much detail for people who haven’t enjoyed one or the other as of yet.

I also decided to give Season 5 of Diablo III a shot today. It looks promising and I decided to try another Demon Hunter, which has been fun as well. That was the very first class I played way back when and I’ve levelled at least one of every other class to 70 since then, so it’s been a while since I’ve played another from scratch. That helps with keeping it interesting, along with the season challenges and the new changes in 2.4.0.

The only other things of note today were my allergies bugging me in the morning, which I solved by taking a Reactine, and my self-diagnosed misophonia bothering me more than usual. Which includes while typing this very post, because typing is one of the most annoying sounds for me, at least at times. Given how much time I spend on computers, that’s pretty weird, but it’s true.

The sounds of typing and people eating are what really set it off for me, but thankfully that’s not an all the time thing. Well, ok, the latter may be, but typing doesn’t always affect me so badly. Today though it’s been annoying, my own being the worst, maybe because I’m not wearing headphones as I usually do or the TV is lower or something, it just seems louder today for some reason.

Meh, it’ll be bedtime soon enough so it’s all good. Maybe I’ll go kill some more demons for a bit before that.


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