January 20th, 2016

At my wife’s request to pick up the Mass Effect collection for her, I splurged a little and also picked up a copy of the limited edition of Life Is Strange on the PS4. I already own the latter on Steam, and I’m taking my time playing through the five episodes of which it’s comprised. I think I just finished the second one and haven’t picked up from there yet.

Aside from wanting to encourage my wife’s gaming habits – I hardly touched the first Mass Effect myself even – I also wanted to get her to try Life Is Strange, I wanted to support the developers because it’s a great game, and I was a little selfish in wanting to have the limited edition materials as well. It’s a win for everyone!

I really do recommend Life Is Strange to any and everyone. It’s not your standard game at all, rather it’s more like an interactive story with tons of replayability. You play a senior high school student named Max Caulfield who discovers she has the ability to rewind time. Her life is filled with both the typical struggles of a person her age and some not-so-typical ones, and you are faced with a series of decisions and discussions that require your input. Your decisions shape the direction in which the game goes, and you can rewind or do them over in a limited fashion (typically for big decisions once you leave the immediate area it becomes set in stone).

The story is fantastic, and the hand painted visuals and indie soundtrack really add a ton of atmosphere to the experience. I’m torn between wanting to race to the finish and wanting to soak up every bit of the journey, hence my only having reached the start of the third episode. While I know I can always just start again (and I’m sure I will) the must-click-EVERYTHING attitude I have in pretty much every game ever is hard to ignore, you guys.

On the topic of gaming, I caught up some on a Diablo III podcast earlier today so I think I’m going to go work on my Season 5 character there for a bit before bed. I also picked up the second book in 5th Wave series, so I may start in on that before sleeping too.

Only two more days left until the weekend, not that I’m counting or anything.


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