January 21st, 2016

We’ve now been offered Thursday nights in addition to Sunday nights for ball hockey at the school gym where we play. I think I’ll start going Thursdays because I find it much easier to get through a Friday when I’m sore and tired than a Monday.

Tonight was my first Thursday night run and I’m exhausted. It went really well, though, and for two of the three games (we play three-on-three until one team scores ten) our team didn’t have anyone to sub, leaving all three of us out the entire time. We took a fair number of breaks because damn, but still, wow. So tired.

When I started playing last fall there was no way on earth I could’ve done this, probably not even for one game, let alone two with another game with just the one shift. I’m a little proud of myself to have survived tonight, even though I was hardly running back and forth the entire night. I did more than I could have done a few months ago, though, so that’s something.

Sorry for the short post tonight, I’ll try to make it up over the weekend. But for now, I sleep.


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