January 22nd, 2016

Thankful that today is Friday. It was a long week, and even though today was Friday (which is historically easier to get through than most other days) it was a long day. I blame being so tired from last night, though that was great exercise so it was well worth it.

At any rate, TGIF. To start off the weekend, I had a surprise left over from the mail yesterday that I opened today, namely January’s Lootcrate. I first signed up for this service last… September, I think? It was a while ago, mainly because I’d been interested in one of items it purported to have from the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I am truly a sucker for anything Assassin’s Creed related; see me not having finished Unity from 2014 and having bought Syndicate when it came out last November already.

Anyway, the item turned out to be a sweater / pullover to celebrate the launch of Syndicate. Also, it technically wasn’t in the Lootcrate itself, but rather a similar program they offer called Level Up where you can order wearable items on a monthly basis as well. You can get shirts/sweaters, socks, and accessories, I just got the shirt/sweater knowing it would be Assassin’s Creed related, but it’s neat that there are other options.

I canceled the Level Up service (a little late though, and got an Attack on Titan shirt that’s awesome which I gave to Sara for her birthday) but maintained the Lootcrate since it was pretty neat. That month I think the monthly theme was Time and it came with a mini replica of the hoverboard from Back To The Future that is awesome.

It’s been a little hit or miss with me since; I was fully expecting a huge bunch of goodies for December but was a little let down with it. January’s is excellent again though, complete with a little plush Face Hugger toy, an X-Files LED flashlight, and a replica Leeloo Dallas multipass, among other things. I think I’ll keep it for another while and see how it goes.

I’ve also been getting the bi-monthly Marvel Collectors Corps which also started out awesome – female Thor and Miles Morales Funko Pop figures! – but has been a little meh lately. I’ll give that one another go too, it’s only every other month so it’s not as bad anyway.

So that’s been the start to the weekend on my end, not too bad at all. Here’s hoping the rest holds up, I’ll be off to see The 5th Wave on Sunday and I’ll be sure to write about that once I get home.


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