January 28th, 2016

Short post again tonight, as it was another Thursday night filled with ball hockey. I’m definitely less and less beat up every time I come back, but it’s still taking the good out of me. I really need the exercise and it’s fun though, so that’s a good thing.

Not much to say today. Finally hit level 70 in Diablo III after realizing I was leveling wrong, whoops. Not that there’s a wrong way, per se, but there’s definitely an easier way to what I was doing. Once I remember that and started down bounties on a lower difficulty level (less XP but way faster) I shot up from 50-odd to 70 in just a few hours or so over last night and tonight before hockey.

Now it gets more fun, once I start getting better gear and start doing tougher things. I don’t have my buddy Brad playing with me this time though, at least not yet. We’ll see whether he jumps in later on or not. Seasons last for about three months so he’ll have lots of time to join if he wants.

I also should be writing, but it’s pretty late and I just want to kill pixels for a while before bed. Writing will come tomorrow and Saturday, at least I hope it will. If not then I won’t beat myself up; see yesterday’s post for more info on that.

Right, so off to slay demons it is then.


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