January 29th, 2016

Writing is hard. I knew this before tonight, but as I’ve sat here at my computer since, oh, 6:00pm or so, I’ve come to realize it all over again. You can just about count on one hand how much I’ve written in those five plus hours. Ok, not quite, but not too far off of it.

A portion of that was from wasting time on Facebook and a few games on there, but that was over by 7:00pm. The rest has been either idle browsing / puttering around, and chatting with people online. I’m also messing about with iTunes on shuffle and adding in tracks with ‘Play Next’ and ‘Add to Up Next’ when it hits a sweet spot / artist for me.

It’s all good, however, because I have all day tomorrow to work on things as well. That’s it, though; I have to have my submission ready by 1:29am Sunday morning my time. I have a good outline and characters in my head, I just need to get past the opening I’ve settled on and go from there.

So yeah, that’s my exciting snowed in Friday night. Time to go fetch myself a nightcap of scotch, methinks.


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